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Dynamics of neural fields are tools used in neurosciences to understand the activities generated by large ensembles of neurons. They are also used in networks analysis and neuroinformatics in particular to model a continuum of neural networks. They are mathematical models that describe the average behavior of these congregations of neurons, which are often in large numbers, even in small cortexes of the brain. Therefore, change of average activity (potential, connectivity, firing rate, etc.) are described using systems of partial different equations. In their continuous or discrete forms, these systems have a rich array of properties, among which is the existence of nontrivial stationary solutions. In this paper, we propose an estimator for nontrivial solutions of dynamical neural fields with a single layer. The estimator is shown to be consistent and a computational algorithm is proposed to help carry out implementation. An illustrations of this consistency is given based on different inputs functions, different kernels, and different pulse emission rate functions.





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