Hybrid Environments in the Anthropocene: Recent Fiction

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Ecocritical attention to anthropogenically impacted environment is inevitable in the Anthropocene, which is, per definition, the geological epoch in which human activity has left traces across the entire surface, the ocean floors, and the atmosphere of the Earth. The Anthropocene denotes the era of rapidly expanding alterations to humanly occupied places while it also brings broader attention to the fact that every part of the biosphere now contains traces of human activity no matter how distant from industrial, agricultural, or residential sites. Emerging from the expansion of agriculture and continuing with the Industrial Revolution along with the concomitant upswing in the human population, the human reshaping of environments accelerates around 1800 and then explodes in the twentieth century with nuclear testing and the expanded use of fossil fuels after 1945.


Sabine Wilke & Japhet Johnstone


Bloomsbury Academic


New York


9781501351495, 9781501307751, 9781501307768, 9781501307775

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Reading in the Anthropocene: The Environmental Humanities, German Studies, and Beyond

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