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Both Sor Juana's El divino Narciso and Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic writings deal with the nature of humankind and the nature of God. This article examines the play and its religious philosophy in light of Lacan's imaginary, symbolic, and real registers, as well as Lacan's important concepts of the Other, the divided subject, jouissance, and the death drive. Ultimately, both Lacan and Sor Juana arrive at the same conclusion, that the basis of the religious experience is grounded in the "lack" in both the subject and God, and that only death can bring the promised state of purity.

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American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

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Stroud, Matthew D. "The Desiring Subject and the Promise of Salvation: A Lacanian Study of Sor Juana's El divino Narciso." Hispania 76.2 (1993): 204-212.