The Arab Spring: The Hope and Reality of Uprisings

The Arab Spring: The Hope and Reality of Uprisings



Beginning in late 2010, peaceful protests against entrenched regimes unexpectedly erupted in a number of Arab countries, causing political upheaval across the region. Through contributions from noted scholars, The Arab Spring provides a comprehensive overview of the causes, key issues, and aftermath of these events. Divided into two parts, the book first examines the Arab countries most dramatically impacted by the uprisings, as well as why some of their Arab neighbors avoided large-scale protests. The second part explores other countries inside and outside the region-that have a stake and interest in the uprisings.

The second edition includes a new chapter on Iraq and coverage of developments in the region since 2012 and how they have altered initial assessments of the Arab Spring's effects. New part introductions and a revised concluding chapter provide contextualization and comparative analyses of key themes and broader questions. This is an essential volume for students and scholars seeking the fullest understanding of how the Arab uprisings continue to impact the region and the world.

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uprisings, Arab Spring, tyranny, anarchy, Tunisia, North Africa, revolution, Counterrevolution, Egypt, Libya, Libyan Spring, disillusionment, Bashar al-Assad, civil war, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Protests, ISIS, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Russia, US policy, democracy, alliance, Arab world


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The Arab Spring: The Hope and Reality of Uprisings