The Theology of Dorothee Soelle


The Theology of Dorothee Soelle



Dorothee Soelle is a pioneering figure: a leader among German Christians in grappling with Auschwitz; a poet expressing utopian longings; a political activist, socialist, and liberation theologian; a mystic offering a vision of faith for people disillusioned with bourgeois Christianity.

This is the first English language collection of original essays analyzing Soelle's work. It explores her contributions to biblical hermeneutics, Christian feminism, social ethics, post-Holocaust thought, Mysticism, literature, and political and liberation theology.

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Dorothee Soelle, Christian theology, philosophy, religion


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Table of Contents

Part 1. Recent Writings of Dorothee Soelle: -- 1. The world can be different -- 2. The guarantor of poor peoples's rights -- 3. Breaking the ice of the soul: theology and literature in search of a new language -- Part 2. New Forms of Theological Language: -- 4. "Come, read with my eyes": Dorothee Soelle's biblical hermeneutics of liberation / Luise Schottroff -- 5. The language of prayer between truth telling and mysticism / Andrea Bieler -- 6. A calling in a higher sense: the poetics of Dorothee Soelle / Martin Rumscheidt -- Part 3. Suffering and Redemption: -- 7. Witnessing trauma: Dorothee Soelle's theology of suffering in a world of victimization / Flora A. Keshgegian -- 8. Christ in the world: the christological vision of Dorothee Soelle / Dianne L. Oliver -- 9. A postmodern response to suffering after Auschwitz / Sarah K. Pinnock -- Part 4. Mysticism: -- 10. Dorothee Soelle, feminism, and medieval women mystics / Christine E. Gudorf -- 11. Conversations with Meister Eckhart and Dorothee Soelle / Nancy Hawkins -- 12. Dorothee Soelle: mystic/activist / Anne Llewellyn Barstow -- Part 5. Theological Liberation: -- 13. The feminist liberation theology of Dorothee Soelle / Rosemary Radford Ruether -- 14. Crossing over: Dorothee Soelle and the transcendence of God / Carter Heyward -- 15. Dorothee Soelle as pioneering postmodernist / Beverly Wildung Harrison.

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The Theology of Dorothee Soelle