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The pathos of place is elemental in grounding the risk of life, the source of confidence requisite to the human quest whether it is conceived as arche or telos, whether it is where one begins, or the end toward which one’s journey is directed. The project of living is such that one’s journey is always toward a homeland, however it be conceived: dreams of homecoming the recovery of innocence, the joyful receiving of the retrieved prodigal, the triumphal march of the heroic legions, the quiet return of the native — all hopeful to appear once again in the light of recognition, of acceptance, of victory, to the acknowledged communion of belonging. The perceived cycle of life, a full and human life, is such that one always returns home, whatever its name. If one cannot go home again, one always looks homeward. With luck, effort, intelligence and imagination — features without which Greek philosophy found no life human — one finds a way home, to the arche and telos of place, and discovers those boundaries within which the passion of human achievement is realized.

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