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Problem statement: Modify the equations associated with image theory in order to account for perfect and imperfect conductors. Approach: A novel approach for describing the application of image theory for an imperfect conductive surface was presented. The method presented here purposely downplays the physics of how image theory was employed to account for a charge which is in the presence of an imperfect conductive surface. In turn, it adopted an approach which focused on the geometry that existed between the charged particle and surface ground. In doing so, the proposed method formulated a solution that had minimized the complexity of the original problem while providing an approximation founded upon a geometric relationship. Results: The equations derived had elicited the concept of using plane geometry to augment image theory. Conclusion: A method for evaluating image theory for the imperfect conductor had been presented. As the results had shown, the equations derived had provided an augmented approach to account for surfaces which were both perfect and imperfect.




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Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

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