Date of Award


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Thesis open access



First Advisor

David Pooley

Second Advisor

Dennis Ugolini

Third Advisor

Kwan K. Cheng


I present a microlensing analysis of 9 Chandra observations of the quadruply lensed quasar PG1115+080. Determinations of the microlensing effects in the lensing galaxy are carried out by finding the X-ray flux measurements of the individual quasar images via two-dimensional image fitting and spectral fitting. The results give an estimation of the local fraction of stellar matter making up the total integrated mass along the line of sight at an impact parameter of ~6 kpc. A Bayesian analysis of microlensing maps and the measured X-ray flux of each image gives a most likely local stellar fraction of 4.64%, with the other 95.36% in a smooth, dark matter component.