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Thesis open access



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Nirav P. Mehta


The phase diagrams for three-body and four-body systems with δ-function interactions are presented. The three-body and four body systems considered are the heavy-heavy-light (HHL) and heavy-heavy-heavy-light (HHHL) systems, respectively. The heavy particles are assumed to be identical. Both systems are treated within the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. The results from [16] are extended to arbitrary values of the heavy-heavy (HH) coupling. The phase diagram presented in [8] is reproduced, and the corresponding HHHL phase-diagram is presented. It was found that in both the three and four body systems the scattering lengths (atom-dimer for HHL and atom-trimer for HHHL) and spectra vary smoothly as the heavy-heavy interaction strength λ is varied from 0 to ∞.