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Postmodernity would seem to bode ill for immigrant communities like the Turks living in Germany. Prominent theories of postmodern society, when analyzed in respect to the status of immigrants, pit several strikes against them. Taking as a given that Germany deserves the label "postmodern society," this essay discusses three such theories and draws out the implications of each for Turkish nationals residing in Germany. The findings are anything but merry. If the theories prove true, Turkish migrants from Turkey should expect little or no improvement in their lot and, worse, deterioration. This said, I refuse to conclude the essay on a note of pure pessimism. Although I dismiss the likely success of planned, deliberate resistance to worsening conditions for immigrants, I point to unplanned, spontaneous resistance which can be successful if not predictable.


Boğaziçi University Publications

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Boğaziçi Journal: Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies