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The concept of reflected appraisal—also known as reflected self-appraisal or the looking-glass self—refers to the processes by which people's self-views are influenced by their perceptions of how others view them. Reflected appraisal is reflected in the metaphor that people use others as a mirror (i.e., looking glass) for judging themselves, and also in the sense that others' judgments are reflected in self-judgments. The concept refers simultaneously to person A's self-appraisal and person A's appraisal of person B's appraisal of person A. These appraisals exert reciprocal influence: Self-views affect judgments of others' views, and judgments of others' views affect self-views. In short, reflected appraisal can be viewed as a cycle of mutually influential judgments.


Mark R. Leary & June Price Tangney


Guilford Press


New York


9781462503056, 9781462515370

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Handbook of Self and Identity

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