The Need for Closure and the Need for Structure: Interrelationships, Correlates, and Outcomes

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In this study, the authors administered the Need for Closure Scale (A. W. Kruglanski, D. M. Webster, & A. Klem, 1993) and the Personal Need for Structure Scale (as cited in S. L. Neuberg & J. T. Newsom, 1993) to 2 samples of undergraduates, to assess the reliability and validity of these measures. Scores on both scales as well as their sub-scales were internally consistent. As was found in prior investigations, no sex differences were obtained in this study for scores on these 2 personality measures. Additionally, age of the respondents was independent of responses to the Need for Closure Scale and the Personal Need for Structure Scale. In contrast to some prior studies but consistent with recent other investigations, scores from these 2 measures were strongly correlated with one another. Unlike previous studies, scores on indices of the need for closure and of the personal need for structure were strongly related to scores on measures of dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity. Implications for future research concerning these scales are discussed.





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The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied