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Engaging Stakeholder Communities as Body Image Intervention Partners: The Body Project as a Case Example
Carolyn Becker, Marisol Perez, Lisa S. Kilpela, Phillippa C. Diedrichs, Eva Trujillo, and Eric Stice


He Touches the Broken Heart from Avak the Healer
Alan Hovhaness and David Heller


A Discrete Mathematical Model for the Aggregation of β-Amyloid
Maher A. Dayeh, George Livadiotis, and Saber Elaydi


Traumatic Event Exposure Associated With Increased Food Insecurity and Eating Disorder Pathology
Carolyn Becker, Keesha M. Middlemass, Clara Johnson, Brigitte Taylor, Francesca Gomez, and Autumn Sutherland


Response to Intervention in Early Childhood Centers: A Multitiered Approach Promoting Family Engagement
Amy McCart, Jon Lee, Andy J. Frey, Nikki Wolf, Jeong Hoon Choi, and Heather Haynes Smith


Increasing Science Vocabulary Using PowerPoint Flash Cards
Sara Aronin and Heather Haynes Smith


Teacher Education at Trinity University Meets the STEPS Interpretive Framework
Shari Albright, Angela Breidenstein, and Josephine Ryan


The Role of Emotion Regulation Difficulties in the Connection Between Childhood Emotional Abuse and Borderline Personality Features
Lia Rosenstein, William D. Ellison, Emily Walsh, Iwona Chelminski, Kristy Dalrymple, and Mark Zimmerman


Community and Clinical Epidemiology of Borderline Personality Disorder
William D. Ellison, Lia Rosenstein, Theresa A. Morgan, and Mark Zimmerman

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