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The Roles of the Essential Proteins Dib1, Prp31, Prp6 and the U5 snRNA During Splicing
A. Embry, C. Potts, D. Jamison, C. Turner, and Corina Maeder


Adam Smith's Answer to Arthur Lewis
Maria Pia Paganelli


Phylogeny and Ontogeny of Lizard Display Behavior
Michele A. Johnson, E. G. Cook, and B. K. Kircher


Measurement of Bilirubin Partition Coefficients in Bile Salt Micelle/Aqueous Buffer Solutions by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
Corina Maeder, Gerard M.J. Beaudoin III, E. K. Hsu, Veronica A. Escobar, S. M. Chambers, William E. Kurtin, and Michelle Bushey


Exploring Referee Abuse Through the Lens of the Collegiate Rugby Coach
B. L. Jacobs, Jacob K. Tingle, B. D. Oja, and M. A. Smith

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