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Using RFM Segmentation to Support Alumni Reunion Fundraising
John Orange, Selim Sharif, and Cynthia Uviedo


Country-of-Origin and Brand Positioning for Health Care Services
K. A. Meese, T. L. Powers, A. N. Garman, Seongwon Choi, and S. R. Hernandez


Is Store or Service Satisfaction More Important to Customer Loyalty?
T. L. Powers, E. P. Jack, and Seongwon Choi


Developing Bridges Center Grant Proposal: A Budgeting Case for a Nonprofit Organization
B. R. Albritton, Florence Hartsfield, Amy Foshee Holmes, and Charles Kappmeyer


Feminine Evil and Witchcraft
Sarah K. Pinnock


Dorothee Soelle
Sarah K. Pinnock


Rachel Joseph


Ecofictions, Ecorealities and Slow Violence in Latin America and the Latinx World
I. Kressner, Ana María Mutis, and E. Pettinaroli

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