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Refining Technology Threat Avoidance Theory
D. Carpenter, Diana K. Young, P. Barrett, and A. J. McLeod


Effects of Methamphetamine Self-Administration and Extinction on Astrocyte Structure and Function in the Nucleus Accumbens Core
B. M. Siemson, C. M. Reichel, Kah-Chung Leong, C. Garcia-Keller, C. D. Gipson, S. Spencer, J. A. McFaddin, K. N. Hooker, P. W. Kalivas, and M. D. Scofield


Ventral Tegmental Area Astrocytes Orchestrate Avoidance and Approach Behavior
J. A. Gomez, J. M. Perkins, Gerard M.J. Beaudoin III, N. B. Cook, S. A. Quraishi, E. A. Szoeke, K. Thangamani, C. W. Tschumi, M. J. Wanat, A. M. Maroof, M. J. Beckstead, P. A. Rosenberg, and C. A. Paladini


Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England
Jay Paul Gates and Nicole Marafioti


An Analysis of Teaching Strategies Designed to Improve Written Communication Skills
Amy Foshee Holmes, Shage Zhang, and Benjamin R. Harris

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