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Life in a Harsh Environment: The Effects of Age, Sex, Reproductive Condition, and Season on Hair Cortisol Concentration in a Wild Non-Human Primate
P. A. Garber, A. McKenney, Evelyn Bartling-John, J. C. Bicca-Marques, M. F. de la Fuente, F. Abreu, N. Schiel, A. Souto, and Kimberley A. Phillips


Geochemistry and Environmental Analysis of a Lower Cretaceous Dinosaur Track Site, Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country, Comal County, Central Texas
Asmara A. Lehrmann, Elliot Blake, K. Sun, B. Welch, C. Ray, T. Adams, A. Godet, M. Suarez, D. A. Ferrill, R. N. McGinnis, and Daniel J. Lehrmann


Controls on Microbial and Oolitic Carbonate Sedimentation and Stratigraphic Cyclicity Within a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic System: Upper Cambrian Wilberns Formation, Llano Uplift, Mason County, Texas, USA
Daniel J. Lehrmann, A. W. Droxler, P. Harris, M. Minzoni, Dylan A. Droxler, H. H. Hopson, Caroline Kelleher, P. Khanna, Asmara A. Lehrmann, Adrien Lhemann, Grace Mabry, Lauren Mercado, J. M. Proctor, Pulkit Singh, and Lindesy D. Yazbek


La Esperanza de Joaquín
Rocio Delgado


Polarized Pluralism: Organizational Preferences and Biases in the American Pressure System
Jesse M. Crosson, Alexander C. Furnas, and Geoffrey M. Lorenz


Was Adam Smith an Optimist?
Maria Pia Paganelli

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