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San Antonio is one of the fasted growing cities in the nation. Every day, we are working to plan for and accommodate the estimated one million additional residents that will arrive in San Antonio by 2040. In much the same way, it’s our collective responsibility to prepare for a future that is projected to have hotter temperatures, longer droughts and more intense rain events, as a result of our changing climate. That is why working with the City Council, one of my first acts as your Mayor was to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

Throughout the SA Climate Ready process, people from across the community have helped craft a sustainable community approach by examining best practices and policies around how we build; how we power our homes, cars and businesses; how we travel; how we conserve water and green space; how we reduce air pollution; and, perhaps most importantly, how we take care of our most vulnerable neighbors. When it comes to climate action and adaptation, our borders do not stop at the city limits or county line. Working with stakeholders across jurisdictional lines will continue to be the way we achieve progress.

San Antonio is a warm, welcoming and culturally diverse community where we cherish tradition and heritage while nurturing forward-looking policies that keep our home healthy and vibrant. Protecting our community’s quality of life, economy, military and historic treasures is a leading priority.


This version is the January 2019 draft for public discussion