Flexible Queers, Serious Bodies: Transgender Inclusion in Queer Spaces

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Queer spaces are significant for understanding transgender inclusion as "queer spaces were places where individuals were expected to be attentive to or aware of alternative possibilities for being, including non-normative formulations of bodies, genders, desires and practices" (Nash, 2011, p. 203). Indeed, in this interview study of members of a queer leather group called the Club, members described a flexible "sexual landscape" that easily includes transgender members. However, these same queer spaces have been criticized for the way they regulate queer bodies and organize queer subjectivities. In this study, queer members of the Club also contrasted playful queer flexibility with serious transgender bodies. This article argues that, although there is a reiterative relation between transgender inclusion and queer spaces, the idealization of flexibility within queer spaces can also serve to marginalize and regulate transgender bodies.

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Journal of Homosexuality

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