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Thesis open access


Sociology and Anthropology

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Amy L Stone

Second Advisor

Sarah B Kaufman

Third Advisor

Habiba Noor


Emerging LGBTQ adults experience a period of major developmental milestones complicated by multiple marginalizations, and now, a global pandemic that has disrupted the social world. Both emerging adulthood and the COVID-19 pandemic are short but intense periods occurring concurrently for young people at this time, and both factors influence the spheres of housing, family, school, and friends for LGBTQ emerging adults in this study. Emerging adults are at particular risk of being negatively affected by the ways the pandemic has altered their life course and social world, and LGBTQ emerging adults are even more at risk due to their marginalized identities. While some LGBTQ emerging adults were negatively affected by the challenges and disruptions posed by the pandemic, others saw improvements in their family relationships or housing situations during this time. Qualitative interview data indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic complicates life transitions and events for LGBTQ emerging adults, who are uniquely positioned between newfound independence as emerging adults and extended dependence on their families and caregivers.