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The improviser's number one job is to live an interesting life, then share it. As students study and practice the steps and principles to improvisation in the theatre, they will discover that these concepts also lead to living a positive, meaningful and effective life. As the students grow in self-confidence, they will also learn to fully listen, to gladly accept and learn from mistakes, and to pay attention and be in the moment. By rehearsing, creating and performing together, the class will create bonds and build trust in themselves and each other so that they may conduct unscripted dramas without fear--the most important unscripted drama being their very own lives.

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ImprovFinalSceneRubric.docx (7 kB)
Final Scene Rubric

Improvisation Reflection Rubric.docx (6 kB)
Reflection Rubric

IntrotoImprovisationPowerPoint.pptx (2522 kB)
Powerpoint - Intro to Improv

IntrotoImprovHandoutNotes.docx (6 kB)
Powerpoint Notes - Intro to Improv

Pearls of Wisdom from TJ _ Dave.docx (6 kB)
Quote from TJ & Dave

Group Self-Eval.docx (5 kB)
Group Self-Evaluation

7 Steps of Improvisation Quiz.docx (5 kB)
Improv Quiz

List of Improv Games.docx (5 kB)
List of Improv Games

ImprovFinalScenes-IdeasScenarioList.docx (5 kB)
Final Scene Ideas List

Suggested Improv Games for Group Rehearsal.docx (6 kB)
Suggestions for Group Rehearsal

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