Mi heroe

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Instructional Material

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Summer 6-17-2016


This unit is designed for high school. It attempts to have students reflect on what they value in a hero and what they choose to imitate. Students learn vocabulary to describe physical traits and personality characteristics of a hero/heroine. The students will engage in conversations and reflective writing about heroes in the target language of Spanish. The assessments include an interpersonal piece and a presentational writing assessment. As much as possible, I incorporated references to authentic resources such as, videos, music, infographics, and articles in Spanish.

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Infographic Activity - el selfie.pdf (284 kB)
Infographic about "El selfie"

Information Gap Activity.pdf (210 kB)
Information Grap

Quien es Matchup activity.pdf (385 kB)
Speaking Activity

SLAP Game.pdf (223 kB)
Vocab. Review Game

Unit_ Mi heroe vocab quiz .pdf (8 kB)
Unit_ Mi héroe Vocabulary.pdf (192 kB)
IPA-AppendixF_Rubrics-ACTFL.pdf (512 kB)
Rubric for assessing PBA

Unit_ Mi heroe Interpersonal Speaking PBA.pdf (385 kB)
Conversational Assessment

Unit_ Mi heroe Presentational Writing PBA.pdf (299 kB)
Writing Assessment