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This unit explores the ways in which language--a way of knowing that we unconsciously use and depend on every second of the day--easily serves more as a manipulative enemy than a trustworthy friend.

Through the IB Literature and Theory of Knowledge courses, this cross-curricular unit tackles the philosophical and epistemological question: to what extent does language manipulate truth? It's not a matter of if language tricks us, but to what extent language tricks us. As for truth? Well, what is truth anyway?

In the TOK curriculum, students will examine the abstract concepts of "truth" and "language" through autodidactic projects, researching complex theories and philosophers, and class activities to come to their own conclusions of what these terms mean and begin to formulate an answer to the driving question.

Meanwhile, in their Literature class, students will apply what they've learned in TOK to the book 1984; while reading, students will analyze how language and truth play a role in the book and the ways in which language is used to manipulate the truth.

For their end product, students will create a TOK presentation answering the driving question (KQ) and an underground magazine for their literature class that employs their conclusion to the driving question.

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