Making the Most of the Transition From Student to Professional

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As I have recently discovered, there is a strange period of adjustment when you first transition from life as a library school student to that of a practicing librarian. I graduated from library school several months ago and although I was lucky enough to accept a position that began almost immediately afterward, that didn’t necessarily mean I immediately stopped thinking of myself as a student and just “switched” to being a professional. Of course, I had previous work experience to draw upon; I had gained valuable practical experience in a library while in school. In short, I had done many of the things that career advisors, mentors, and library school professors encouraged me to do—and I’m glad I did. But as I have had a few months to contemplate the change from being a student to being a professional, I’d like to complement the wealth of advice on how to be one or the other (student or professional) with something a little different: how to mine your student experiences for inner resources that you likely already have and can use as you transition into professional life.

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