Submissions from 2016


Partisanship by Invitation: Immigrants Respond to Political Campaigns, James A. McCann and Katsuo A. Nishikawa Chávez


Doing a Bid: The Construction of Time as Punishment, Keesha M. Middlemass and CalvinJohn Smiley

Jumpsuit to Button-Down: Clothing Used as Resistance in Prisoner Reentry, Keesha M. Middlemass and CalvinJohn Smiley


Islamophobia & Europhobia: Subaltern Discourse & Its Limits, Peter O'Brien

Human Rights and the Dissident Grand Ayatullah Hussain Ali Montazeri, Sussan Siavoshi

The Flock of a Shepherd or the Sovereign Citizen: Ayatollah Montazeri on the Role of the People, Sussan Siavoshi

Clothing Makes the Man: Impression Management and Prisoner Reentry, CalvinJohn Smiley and Keesha M. Middlemass

Submissions from 2015

Postmodern Politics: Manipulating Images of Islam in Contemporary Europe, Peter O'Brien

20 Fingers: Personal or Political?, Sussan Siavoshi

Submissions from 2014

Euthanasia, John R. Hermann


Legislator Judges: The Warren Court and Justices' Use of State or International Policies in Criminal Procedure Cases, John R. Hermann

Submissions from 2012


Islamophobia, Euro-Islam, Islamism and Post-Islamism: Changing Patterns of Secularism in Europe, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 2011


Immigration to Germany: Past and Present Experiences, Peter O'Brien


Islamic Civilization and (Western) Modernity, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 2009

Making (Normative) Sense of the Headscarf Debate in Europe, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 2007

Bowen v. Roy (1986), John R. Hermann

Employment Division v. Smith (1990), John R. Hermann

Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association (1988), John R. Hermann

Reynolds v. United States (1879), John R. Hermann

Sherbert v. Verner (1963), John R. Hermann

Islam, Liberalism, and Xenophobia in Europe, Peter O'Brien


USA: A Civilization of Its Own?, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 2006


Freedom of Speech and Press: A Casebook for Undergraduates, Frank Harrison

Associate Justice William O. Douglas, John R. Hermann

Submissions from 2005


Europe: A Civilization on the Edge, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 2004

Loving v. Virginia (1967), John R. Hermann

The Solicitor General, John R. Hermann

Wisconsin v. Mitchell (1993), John R. Hermann

Submissions from 2000


American Indians in Court: The Burger and Rehnquist Years, John R. Hermann

Clerks of the Justices, John R. Hermann

Native American Law, John R. Hermann

Native American Sovereignty, John R. Hermann

Platonism and Plagiarism at the End of the Middle Ages, Peter O'Brien

The Courts: The Perils of Paula, Karen O'Connor and John R. Hermann

Submissions from 1999

Islamic Civilisation's Role in the Waning of the European Middle Ages, Peter O'Brien


Race is Dead, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 1997


American Indian Interests and Supreme Court Agenda Setting: 1969-1992 October Terms, John R. Hermann


Germany's Newest Aliens: The East Germans, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 1996

Emerging Trends in Federal Indian Law, John R. Hermann


American Indians and the Burger Court, John R. Hermann and Karen O'Connor

Migration and Its Risks, Peter O'Brien


Unplanned Resistance: Turkish Immigrants in a Postmodern Germany, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 1995


The Clerk Connection: Appearances Before the Supreme Court by Former Law Clerks, Karen O'Connor and John R. Hermann

The Role of Clerks in the Work of the U.S. Supreme Court, Karen O'Connor and John R. Hermann

Submissions from 1994

Identity Crisis in the New Germany, Peter O'Brien

Reflections on the "Political" Scholar, Peter O'Brien


The Underside of John Locke's Philosophy: The Politics of Distrust, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 1993


Islam vs. Liberalism in Europe, Peter O'Brien

Submissions from 1992

German-Polish Migration: The Elusive Search for a German Nation-State, Peter O'Brien