Date of Award


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Thesis open access


Sociology and Anthropology

First Advisor

Benjamin Sosnaud

Second Advisor

Rocio Delgado


In this thesis, I investigate educators’ experiences and observations of structural inequities during the switch to online teaching and learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through interviews with ten educators in the city of San Antonio, Texas, I analyzed the COVID-19 pandemic through an equity lens, specifically highlighting the ways in which it is transforming access to education for underserved students. Through this study, I find that the digital divide is still a salient issue in society, and that students of color and/or from low socioeconomic backgrounds are pushed out of schools by external structural forces that further marginalize their community. This study highlights the need to develop more culturally competent curricula, prepare critically conscious educators, and take a holistic approach to the education of the next generations.