Submissions from 2020

Going Nuclear: Split Your Choir to Unleash its Power!, Gary Seighman

Submissions from 2019


Five + Two = Six: The Wartime Creation of Bèla Bartòk's Six (Seven) Songs for Treble Voices and Orchestra (1941), Carl Leafstedt


The Source Materials for Bartòk's Suite for Two Pianos, Op. 4b (1941), Carl Leafstedt

Submissions from 2017


Harnessing the Power of Failure in Your Music Classroom: Grit, Growth Mindset, & Greatness, Virginia Davis and Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2016


Nurturing the Musical "Open-Earedness" of Seven-Year-Olds, Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2013


Move to Learn! More Strategies Based on Recent Brain Research, John W. Flohr and Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2012

Craig Phillips: AGO Distinguished Composer for 2012, David Heller

Submissions from 2011

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders, Hartville, Ohio; Zion Lutheran Church, Wausau, Wisconsin, Fredrick Bahr and David Heller


Relationships Among Music Listening, Temperament, and Cognitive Abilities of Four-Year-Old Children, John W. Flohr, Diane C. Persellin, Daniel C. Miller, and Harry Meeuwsen

An Interview With Gerre Hancock: Reflections From America's Master of Improvisation, David Heller

Getting It Together: A Conference on Improvisation and Organ Pedagogy, David Heller


Applying Brain Research to Classroom Strategies, Diane C. Persellin and John W. Flohr

Submissions from 2010


Faculty Development in Higher Education: Long-Term Impact of a Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop, Diane C. Persellin and Terry Goodrick

Submissions from 2009


Brain-Based Education in Music: A New Science or Science-Fiction?, Diane C. Persellin


A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Two Song-Teaching Methods: Holistic vs. Phrase-by-Phrase, Diane C. Persellin and Laura Bateman

Backbeat: Beethoven, Redux, Diane C. Persellin and Robert H. Persellin

Submissions from 2007

Fourteenth AGO National Conference on Organ Pedagogy – Nach Bach: From the Master to Mendelssohn, Nancy J. Cooper, David Heller, John E. Mitchener, and Shelly Moorman-Stahlman


Policies, Practices, and Promises: Challenges to Early Childhood Music Education in the United States, Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2006

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders, Hartville, Ohio; The Sharkey-Corrigan Organ, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas, Ray M. Keck III, David Heller, and Charles Kegg


Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Report on Early Childhood Music Education in Accredited American Preschools, Rachel Lee Nardo, Lori A. Custodero, Diane C. Persellin, and Donna Brink Fox

The Effects of Vocal Modeling, Musical Aptitude, and Home Environment on Pitch Accuracy of Young Children, Diane C. Persellin

The Simplest Steps to Vocal Accuracy: Do Young Children Find Half-Steps More Difficult to Sing In-Tune?, Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2005

Foundations: Theories and Approaches, Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 2004

He Touches the Broken Heart from Avak the Healer, Alan Hovhaness and David Heller

Submissions from 2000

Recent Brain Research on Young Children, John W. Flohr, Daniel C. Miller, and Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 1999

The Effect of Orff-Based Music Instruction on Spatial-Temporal Task Performance of Young Children, Diane C. Persellin

Submissions from 1995

Devotion and Humor: A Tribute to Russell Saunders, David Heller

The Pedagogy of Hymn Playing, David Heller

Submissions from 1992

Responses to Rhythm Patterns When Presented to Children Through Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic Modalities, Diane C. Persellin